Minimum Order: Orders must meet a minimum of $50; and orders between $50-$100 will have a $5 handling charge.

Federal Tax I.D.: A Federal Tax I.D. is required with all orders.

Requirements: 1) Must be a stocking brick and mortar location. 2) Minimum opening order $500. 3) It is our full intention to grant accounts to retail establishments offering our products for resale. Should it be determined that a customer does not meet this criteria, the account will be closed.

Prices: Prices in this catalog are wholesale price. Discounts for case pack purchases are noted as follows: 6/$2.38 means if a customer buys 6 the price is $2.38, or 10% 12/Case means 10% discount with the purchase of 12 units. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Payment Terms: We offer the following payment options:

Back Orders: Balances of $25 or more will be shipped when merchandise is available, UNLESS you inform us that back orders are not allowed. If the balance of an order is LESS than $25, the balance will not be shipped. Please re-order these goods when placing your next order. COD ACCOUNTS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR BACK ORDERS.

Shipping Info: We offer the following shipping options:

Payments: Payments must be received in U.S. currency, in accordance with your established terms.

Late Payments: All past due accounts will be assessed a finance charge of 1 ½% per month on the past due balance. No orders will be taken from customers who are delinquent. When deemed necessary, delinquent accounts will be turned over for collection.

Returned checks: Checks returned by the bank are subject to a $25 processing fee.

Claims: Claims for seller’s error, such as shortages, must be filed within 72 hours of merchandise receipt. PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY WITH ANY ISSUE PERTAINING TO THE SAFE, COMPLETE DELIVERY OF ORDERS

Returns: If you are not pleased, you may return any merchandise WITHIN 10 DAYS for a full refund, provided it has not been priced, taken out of the package, or otherwise made unsalable. Any defective items MUST BE RETURNED to receive proper credit. ALL RETURN FREIGHT CHARGES ARE PAID FOR BY THE PURCHASER. VINYL INFLATABLES are guaranteed ONLY against defects in workmanship. Vinyl’s damaged by your customer’s over-inflation punctures, cuts, etc are the responsibility of the purchaser and can NOT be returned. Be sure all returns are clearly indentified and inventoried with a copy in the box. All defective item returns must be made WITHIN THE SAME YEAR goods were invoiced. All returns must be inspected by BDI/Sunbeater prior to a credit being issued. Before returning merchandise for any reason you must first call and get a RETURN AUTHORIZATION number and that number must be included in your shipping label.

Catalog Issues: Though we take great care in preparing this catalog for your convenience, there may be errors for which we will not be held responsible.

Freight Damage and Loss Instructions: